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Notice Request to all customers:

Unfortunately, we have now lost one of our wells and are now servicing the entire community on just 1 well. We are not sure at this time, how long it will take to get the other back up and running, if even possible. With that in mind, we would like to inform everyone that you may experience periods of lower than normal pressure in your home during peak usage hours. It should not last long. We would like to also ask for evryone to do their best to help conserve the water to avoid any outages as we work through these issues. If you do experience low pressure for an extended amount of time or a complete outage, please let us know! Thank you all for your understanding and your cooperation. 

Also, please pass this message along and encourage others to sign up for the alert system. 

Notice of Solicitation

Attention customers:  We will NEVER call you and ask you for a payment over the phone! If you receive a call from our phone #, please do NOT give out any sensitive information! It is a SCAM! If you receive a call like this, please hang up and call the office to report it @ (409) 276-2030. Please encourage your friends/family in the district to sign up for text/email alerts!