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Freezing Temperatures

Follow these steps to prevent your water pipes from Freezing: Brrrrrr


* Having your faucets keep a slow drip may help you avoidbroken pipes. You will be charged for the water used, however it could save you from more costly plumbing repairs. 

*Opening cabinets overnight around any sink that is located on an outside wall, will allow warm air to reach the pipes. Be sure to remove any harmful cleaners/chemicals to keep out of reach of those precious children!

***If a pipe does burst, be sure to turn off your water supply to your home from your shut off valve until necessary repairs are made. 



*Close outside vents, crawl spaces and doors to prevent cold air from seeping in. 

*Keep your gagrage door closed if any water supply lines are in/or adjacent to it.

*Disconnect and drain all water hoses.

*Locate your shut off valves. EWCID#1 requires that you have at least 1 shut off valve     installed on your side of the meter. (Use of the District's shut off valave is prohibited!)

*Wrap hot and cold water lines and meters in commercial grade insulation. If that is unavailable, use pipe sleeves, heat tape, heat cable, or even newspaper. As little as 1/4" of newspaper can provide significant protection in areas that do not have frequent or prolonged temperatures below 32 degrees.